More and more women are becoming aware of genital cosmetic procedures. G-Spot enhancement or G-Shot is one of the most popular of these procedures. Most women know that there is a magical spot, called the G-spot, which when stimulated can give them the highest possible sexual pleasure. If you want to give a boost to your ability to achieve orgasm, g spot magnification in New York or G-Spot sexual gratification enhancement is the latest and most effective procedure to help you achieve the results.

This procedure can add more spice to your intimate life, relationship, and can also bring back any lost interest in sex. We at Dr. Sorkin Center for Women’s Health have experienced and certified cosmetic obstetrician-gynecologists who can perform highly effective g spot magnification in New York procedures.

Loss of Sexual Gratification

With aging or after childbirth, the support system around the vaginal tissue can become weaker, causing vaginal relaxation. All this could mean that the vagina loses its optimal sexual functioning level. This can significantly reduce your sexual gratification, pleasure and associated feelings.

Most women may have come to hear about the G-Spot more recently, but the knowledge of this spot has been there for centuries. The G-Spot enhancement procedure works by enlarging your G-Spot, increasing its diameter and thickness. It has not only been found successful by all doctors, many studies have also proven its effectiveness in over 87 percent women. Once you have undergone the procedure, its effects can last for at least 6 months.

The G-Spot Enhancement Procedure

Most women think that the g spot magnification in New York procedure is a complex surgery. It is not. It is a simple and painless procedure that doesn’t take more than half hour. It has also become well known as a “lunch break” procedure and requires just local anesthesia. You will not have to recover from anything. The doctor will send you home immediately after the procedure, and you can resume normal activities after 4 hours.

The procedure is as simple as the PAP smear. Your doctor will conduct a pelvic examination and mark the G-Spot. A filler is then injected into the spot, which is followed by placing a tampon. Your doctor will ask you to remove the tampon after 4 hours. You are also allowed to have sexual intercourse after this.

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